The Pennsylvania Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (PAMFT), a division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), provides a unified voice for all marriage and family therapists in Pennsylvania. We believe that relationships are foundational to the health and well being of individuals, all forms of the family, and communities. We know that family therapy is effective in creating lasting change. We also believe that consumers should have access to mental health care, including the services of marriage and family therapists.

Over 24, 500 family therapists, practitioners, educators, researchers and students have made the commitment to support the mission of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy through AAMFT membership.

The PAMFT community is devoted to promoting the professional excellence and acceptance of our members at the state and local levels. We work with the state board to advance and protect the value of services provided by trained and licensed marriage and family therapists. We aim to meet the needs of the members in our state by offering opportunities for networking and community building, providing referrals and resources, and offering continuing education opportunities. We have regional directors in across the state who are dedicated to assisting PAMFT members meet their individual and community needs. (Check out your regional page to see what is happening in your area.) In addition to the benefits that are specific to PAMFT, we also share in the advantages of belonging to the AAMFT.